Our Story

In 1999, the company is certified as dairy in Suceava as S.C. Tudia LLC whose main activity is the manufacture of dairy products and cheese. The factory is located 50 km from Suceava, in the town Gramesti, in the North, being designed and developed in the best way to ensure the best level of quality for our products.

Far from city pollution, the plant is surrounded by plains, it is near a forest and river Siret.

Our goal is to reach the top of the most important players on the competitive dairy market in Romania with the quality and integrity of our work. We want to prove this by contributing actively to the increase in quality standards and revitalize the dairy industry in Romania. Therefore, we started a project between 2007-2009 to extend and adapt the dairy factory to EU standards. The modernization process continues, each year new investments taking place.


Our Responsibility

Tudia combines the local Bucovinean tradition and experience with modern technology for manufacturing cheese, while using old recipes and adapting them to the requirements of modern buyers.

The entire production process, from milk collection until the final product that gets on your table is carefully controlled, strictly considering the rules of Romanian and European legislation.

Tudia’s specific taste of milk is given by the milk collected from local farmers from all around the Bucovinean region. By having quality milk, we are able to use traditional methods – such as getting pressed cheese from unpasteurized milk. This is the secret of  ” Tudia” flavour, different from the rest of the products on the market which use pasteurized milk. In contrast, we prefer the scalding heat treatment curd. By pasteurizing milk, the beneficial flora is destroyed and our bodies do not receive the same quality of nutrients.  Mostly because of this method we are using, our products are more natural and healthier but have a shorter shelf life.

Integrated quality management and food safety is showing the main concern of all departments, from collecting and receiving raw materials to the delivery and distribution of finished product, ie food safety.

Moreover, we have our own authorized laboratories for physicochemical and microbiology. At each stage of the production process we monitor parameters to ensure that at the end of the production line there come out the best products.

In the same spirit, the cheese is more natural and healthier because we do not use iodized salt, but brine and the smoked cheese “Bradut” has its flavor from using pine sawdust.

Our product quality is certified by numerous awards from festivals, fairs and exhibitions.

Tudia brand is appreciated and recognized by our customers from home and abroad, with our sales increasing year by year. Compliance with European quality standards and eligibility to export products to the EU is certified by the oval stamp on the packaging of our products.

Our motto is to deliver customer satisfaction through quality, price and reliability of deliveries. Following this, we have become one of the largest dairy factories in Romania.

The secret of Tudia is that the milk used for our products is engineered to keep its specific taste and quality, all natural, tasty and healthy.

Tudia’s strength is given by the value of our employees who have training, dedication and responsibility in what they do. On behalf of all, we would like to thank you for your trust and we invite you to taste the healthy products from the heart of Bucovinean land!